Testimonials from our happy early learning centre in Geraldton

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Here is a selection of testimonials from our families in Geraldton. Testimonials don't just say something nice about each early learning centre, they also offer feedback, guidance and help us to improve our services. Our Geraldton early learning centre loves your feedback!


We have peace of mind knowing Ryan and Kaley are not wasting their day away while we are at work but they are constantly being set new goals and most importantly having fun in a safe environment.

Mary 20/12/2012


My children are so happy at Bambi, it's such a load off my mind when I'm at work, knowing that they are happy and well-cared for. The Educators are always enthusiastic, helpful and genuinely interested about the well-being of my children - they are always willing to go the extra mile, and I thank them for that. I was extremely impressed this year with the portfolios that were prepared for all the children; the thoroughly planned and structured activities are beneficial for my children's development in the early years - the first steps are the most important ones and Bambi ensures the children have the best start possible. I am very grateful for your hard work!

Merry Christmas!
Natalie x


We love sending our kids to Bambi. Our kids love it too! It's a fun, safe, caring environment for our children. The staff are interested in the development and individual needs of each child. I recommend Bambi to parents who are looking for a great daycare. 

Kind Regards Rebekah

Dear Cathy,

I am taking a few minutes to write to you in order to thank you and your staff for the wonderful service you provide. I have worked in the childcare setting, therefore know how long and hard you work.

Juliette and Olivia were simply delighted at the thought of going to the Christmas party you organized. Leading up to the day, the excitement in the house was unbearable, we even had to find  dresses for the occasion! Receiving gifts from Santa was special to them as well as gathering at the park for a sausage sizzle, as they do not get many opportunities to eat sausage sizzles!

Richard and I were so impressed, that after the long days you spend with the children, you and your staff would want to throw them a party! It shows the commitment and passion you all have for our little darlings.  We are so grateful that you have such passionate staff members to look after our children.

The work that was put in to organizing, running and packing away the party was commendable. Thank you so very much!

 If this was not already enough, we were also presented with an astonishing summary of Olivia’s learning journey this year as well as an incredibly cute photo of her. We were so impressed by your staff’s dedication in putting the learning stories together. I do know it is now a required outcome for staff in centers to work towards, but in no way did we expect it. Olivia has learned so much whilst in your  care. I have noticed along the year that she can do all the things her sister could do at her age (Juliette never went to daycare until she was 4). I know I was not the one to teach her the bulk those skills acquired. I have missed out on enjoying Olivia’s company as I have had to work. I realise, however, that Olivia has certainly not missed out on being loved, taught and made to feel exceptionally special. 

I have read the UK study that concludes that children are just as ready to grow and learn without the primary caregiver’s full attention, as long as this person is replaced by high quality staff to “fill” the gap. This is certainly true in our case, and for this, Richard and I, will be forever grateful.

It is hard for me, as a mum who always wished to be at home with her kids, to have to go out and work. I do believe that our children are in the best hands at your center.  We are so grateful to all of you, who deal with our two children, for the care, commitment and patience, they deserve, and that you provide them with. (And you all do that times however many children you have in your care)

So once again, thank you to you and your staff for all that you do for our family.

With all our best wishes for a happy and safe Christmas to you and all your staff, 



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